Presentation: Passive Investing / ETFs

This is a presentation in English about passive investing and ETFs (Exchange-Traded Funds).

We gave it last weekend, to a group of excellent investors and better friends.

It describes our personal path to passive investing. Like everyone else, we ask ourselves what is the best way to save for the future. These are the answers that we found. We hope they could be useful for you as well.

Perhaps the best that you could do is to check the links. Have a look to the different sources of information, compare different funds, and take your own decisions.

This is the presentation (Important: It is a 5.7 MByte PDF file)

You will find more information here (in Spanish).

And finally note that we are not financial advisors. This is just information that we find interesting.

Autor: willyfog

Turista laboral por la Unión Europea. Por favor que dure. Lo que veo, leo o me cuentan no lo suelo encontrar en español, así que me gusta escribirlo por aquí.


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