Utrecht BENL FIRE Meetup

On Saturday 3rd July we weent to the Utrecht BENL FIRE Meetup, organised by Cheese Finance. You will find a summary from him here.

It was great.


First of all, let me indicate that BENL refers to BElgium and NetherLands (because in principle the meetup focuses on these countries). And FIRE is the usual “Financial Independence and Retirement Early”.

The reason for attending this kind of events is twofold.

First, we meet many other people who are trying to find similar answers to the same questions. How to save for the future? How to reduce expenses? How to invest? In what to invest?

And secondly, there were three very interesting presentations.

  • Adine (Lekker Leven met Minder) gave a presentation (this) about how to monetize a blog. Good to learn about affiliated links.
  • Daphne gave a presentation about crowdfunding. Types of crowdfunding, companies providing the service, how to select the projects. She has a lot of experience on it, both as a small investor, and as a manager in the sector. Very clarifying.
  • Chris (The Pursuit of HOT) gave a presentation about negotiations. Perhaps less related to FIRE, but very useful though.
  • As a bonus extra, there was a video about the philosophy os stoicism.

If you, reader of this post, find FIRE appealing, I very much recommend you to attend one of these events. Perhaps you live far away from Belgium or Netherlands, that makes it certainly complicated. But if you are considering to visit Belgium or Netherlands, you could perhaps choose the dates in order to attend one of these FIRE meetups. It is worth. Do not let the language stop you. Even if you do not master the local language, they are so kind that you will only hear English.

Cheesy Finance is an exceptional host. Everthing was smooth, easy-going, no problem at all. CF, if you read this, thank you very much!

Autor: willyfog

Turista laboral por la Unión Europea. Por favor que dure. Lo que veo, leo o me cuentan no lo suelo encontrar en español, así que me gusta escribirlo por aquí.


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