Presentation at FIWE 2019 about Passive Investing

We attended the FIWE 2019, the Financial Independence Week Europe, in Budapest.

We gave this presentation about Passive Investing. You know: What are the reasons behind passive investing? What is the typical return from investments, active managers vs passive investing? Is passive better than active? What are common drawbacks?


At the end of the presentation, there is a link to make a questionnaire about passive investing. It is implemented with SurveyMonkey, just 5 questions, completely anonymous. In addition, if you want to have a look to the answers given by other people, click here. The answers are in the presentation itself.


Inversión Activa vs Pasiva, Comparando Fondos para Invertir en Empresas Europeas

Este post muestra otra comparativa entre fondos de inversión. En esta ocasión el objetivo es hacerlo muy fácil para que cualquier persona pueda comprobar por sí misma los resultados. Vamos a ello.


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